Frequently Asked Questions

How fit do I need to be?
What if I have pre-existing injuries or conditions?
What is the food like?
Will there be time to unwind?
What do I need to pack?
How many guests per retreat?
Can I come alone?
Do I have to join in everything?
Is there alcohol and coffee available?
What is a typical day like?
Do I need travel insurance?
What’s included in Purescapes’ All-inclusive retreats?

How fit do I need to be?

During Purescapes’ retreat you may take part in a wide range of activities: Yoga, hiking, one-on-one training, swimming, running, kayaking, stand up paddle bording, group exercises, biking. But don’t let that list scare you as our activities are designed for everyone and there is room to modify every activity to meet any level of fitness. That means if you’re already fit you’ll be challenged, and if your lifestyle is less active or you’ve fallen into a rut this will energize you and get you going again. The most important quality you can bring to this experience, more than any physical preparation, is a positive mental outlook and a willingness to participate. The rest we can help you achieve. We design the activities according to the group. One-on-one activities are based on your abilities while group activities attempt to accommodate different ability levels.

What if I have pre-existing injuries or conditions?

You are asked to fill out a health questionnaire before booking. We want to know as much as possible about you and design specific program to your specific needs and interests. We will work to make sure your individual health concerns or physical limitations are respected and hopefully help you discover new ways to address them.

What is the food like?

At all of our retreats we design the menu according to numerous discussions with our guests and their preferred meal options. Our menu is not calorie restricted, but all of the meals prepared for you are gourmet, delicious, nutritious, natural, and organic. We offer fruits and vegetables of the region as well as fresh fish and meat. In your questionnaire, please advise us if you are a vegan or vegetarian. If you’re hoping to lose weight this may provide the perfect kick-start. You will learn a great deal about nutrition and how to accelerate your metabolic rate and fitness level by making the right food choices for your unique bio-chemical profile. We are also interested in the way our cave man ancestors ate, and in incorporating raw foods, and vegetarian-only days. To find out more about our ways of eating please contact us.

Will there be time to unwind?

Definitely! The time you take between activities is as important as the time you spend working. Your body needs to repair and restore. You’ll be given time mid-to-late afternoon to have a massage, lie on the beach or by the pool, read a book or sleep. For the more energetic, one-on-one training or running is scheduled.

What do I need to pack?

Depending on your preferred destination you’ll need some or all of the following items. If there are any additional items needed for any destination we’ll inform you in advance to your departure.
You’ll need:
• Comfortable clothing for activities (long pants for hikes)
• Swim gear (including goggles)
• Hiking shoes, training shoes (Purescapes recommends Vibram five fingers as they can be used for training in and out of water).
• Small backpack
• Organic & chemical-free sun block, natural mosquito repellent
• A good hat, sunglasses
• Stainless steel water bottle
• Chemical free shampoo, toothpaste, and other personal hygiene products

How many guests per retreat?

Most retreats have 10 to 16 participants. For bespoke retreats we would design the program based on the number of guests in your group..

Can I come alone?

Definitely! You will have lots of fun with the other guests and our staff. out of our guests stay in touch with each other long after they leave the retreat. We can also design a program for single travelers at any of our destinations or a destination of your choice.

Do I have to join in everything?

No! The program is designed as per our discussion with you prior to the retreat, however, the guests who get the best results join in all the activities. We’re hoping you’ll want to join in all the fun, but you don’t have to take part in an activity you don’t feel comfortable with.

Is there alcohol and coffee available?

Yes! We stock some top quality brand wines and coffee. For the purpose of weight loss and detox we would explain the benefits of avoiding alcohol and/or coffee during your stay with us upon your arrival, however, it is completely your choice to drink alcohol or coffee during your stay.

What is a typical day like?

Here’s a typical day from our past retreats, however, for bespoke retreats we will design the daily activities according to the destination and your requests.

• 7:00 AM Morning Energizer activity: Yoga, Qi-Gong, fitness circuits
• 8.30 AM Breakfast – a bounty of fresh fruit and high-quality dishes to fuel your active day
• 9:30 AM Local adventure (hiking, biking, SUP, kayaking)
• 12:30 PM Lunch
• 1:30 PM Free time to soak up the sun, rest, get a massage, swim, read
• 4:00 PM Nutrition, Movement and Technique Workshops or individual one-on-one nutrition counseling
• 5:00 PM Functional training, barefoot beach walk/runs, boxing or group circuits
• 6:00 PM Restorative Yoga, stretch
• 7:15 Briefing: Learn about what awaits tomorrow
• 7:30 PM Delicious dinner – refuel your body

** This is only a sample standard day on a Purescapes Retreat. Depending on the season and location, activities will vary. We always take time for local adventures and will surprise you with challenges that venture further afield. All of our locations are picked for their uniquely beautiful landscapes and we go out every day

Do I need medical & travel insurance?

Yes, we strongly encourage everyone to buy it before the start of the retreat.

What’s included in Purescapes’ All-inclusive retreats?

Every Purescapes Retreat is fully inclusive. Once you have paid for your holiday, you don’t need to think about money again. Here’s what’s included:

• Pre-retreat Health & Wellbeing audit in order to tailor your experience
• Luxury en-suite accommodation
• Wellness presentations & education seminars
• Healthy, local, and organic meals, snacks, non alcoholic beverages and smoothies
• One glass of wine with dinners
• Nutrition consultation with take-home guidelines
• Daily yoga and/or Qi-Gong classes
• Guided hikes, one surf lesson, cycling in the countryside, and sea kayaking
• Daily group fitness sessions
• One one-hour deep tissue sports massages
• Personal training sessions
• Two Cooking demonstrations
• One eco farming presentation
• Filtered water and herbal teas
• Local airport transfers with our recommended flights


• There is a small charge for laundry
• Discretionary tips for housekeeping, dinning, and other staff